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Subwoofer Crossover Frequency – Stereo 2.1 Setup with PMC twenty5.23 and 1723 Subwoofer 1S

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Hi everyone,

I’ve done some tests with 30 Hz, 35 Hz and 40 Hz tone files without the subwoofer.

  • 40 Hz – normal volume
  • 35 Hz – much quieter
  • 30 Hz – barely audible

Test Setup

  • Amplifier: Gato Audio “DIA-250S NPM”
  • Front Speaker: PMC “twenty5.23”
  • Front Speaker Cable: Sommer Cable “SC-Orbit 240 MKII” – 2×4,0mm²
  • Front Speaker Cable Connector: Sommer Cable “HI-BM13-RED” and “HI-BM13-WHT”
  • Subwoofer: Arendal “1723 Subwoofer 1S”
  • Subwoofer Cable: Sommer Cable “Stage 22 SGHN PU 3,0m” – 2x 0,22 mm² (AWG 24)
  • Subwoofer Cable Connector: Hicon HI-X3CM – HI-X3CF

Subwoofer Setup

  • Levels
    • Ref. Levels = Off
    • Level = 0 (for music) | 10 (for movies)
    • Input Gain = 0dB
  • Crossover
    • EQ Mode = EQ1 Sealed
    • LPF Bypass = Off
    • LPF Frequency = 38 Hz
    • LPF Slope = 12 dB/oct.
    • Subsonic Filter = Off
    • Subsonic Filter Slope = Off
    • Phase = 0°
    • Signal Invert = Off
    • Time Delay = 0.00 ms
  • Parametric EQ = Off
  • Input/Turn-on
    • Auto Turn-on = XLR 1 | XLR 2
  • Setup
    • Memory bank = XLR1
    • Number of subs = Ref. Level off
    • On Time = 10 Minutes
    • Wake-up Sens = High
    • Display Rotate = 180°
    • LCD Backlight = 5



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Manfred, awesome setup! I would try setting your subwoofer to 80Hz and go from there. In a two channel setup this is the hardest part of getting your sub to blend well with your system. I would us DIRECT mode on your receiver if it allows you to do so it might turn off your subs that way it bypasses the filters in the system. If you really want to get creative you could download REW and install it on your computer. I then would get a UMIK-34 from Dayton Audio on Amazon and run a subwoofer test sweep. Find out if you have nulls in the bass and them add distance so it could flatten it out. Hope this helps, Happy listening.


I would suggest to best get. Umik1 microphone and use REW software to take proper measurement then you will know exactly what is what

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Hi everybody, thx for the replies.
To measure what’s going on or doing some room correction, I would recommend the following Equipment…

Software: Acourate 2 (FIR) or REW 5.20.8 x64 (IIR)
FIR-filters (Finite impulse response) could be imported into Roon.
REW uses IIR-filters (Infinite impulse response).

Microfone: Behringer ECM8000 (calibrated to 0° and 90° incl. calibration file for Acourate)
Soundcard: Lynx Studio E22 or RME HDSPe AES PCI Express Interface or RME HDSPe AIO Pro (You have to check if these cards are compatible with Acourate 2)

If you want correct timing information in and out should go over the same soundcard.


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