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Place to listen

William James
Community Member

Hey everyone,

I am very interested in purchasing the arendal 1723 speakers and was wondering if anyone new where I could listen to them. I go back and forth between the Washington DC and San Diego regions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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William, there are no areas onto where you could listen to these speakers unless you know of someone in those two places that own Arendal speakers. I personally would like to tell you that these speakers are amazing in every way. If you happen to buy these your not going to be disappointed at all. If you are interested in a comparison I would check out SVS ultras and listen to them, once you have an idea of what that sound is like, Arendal Speakers have a bigger sound stage and effortless. Good luck William I hope you buy them!

Customer Support

Hi William,

I don’t know if you have already seen it, but we offer free returns in the US now.

So in the rare case that you are not satisfied, we will take them back free of charge.

100% risk-free.

BTW the best place to listen to speakers is always your home!


Erick Msuya
Community Member

Just ordered the S bookshelf LCR today so I should have them setup in a couple of weeks if you want to listen to them. I’m in the Dmv area.

William James
Community Member

Thanks for the reply but I already ordered the 1723 towers for my home theater. I am in the process of setting them up right now and should have everything put together in another week or two. I am hoping they sound as good as most people say they do.

Erick Msuya
Community Member

That’s great! I’m really enjoying the monitor S. Can’t wait to watch Jurassic Park this weekend. If you can make sure to angle the center channel towards your ears. I’ve noticed that it helps with dialogue and sound panning across the front.

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Roman Tissera
Community Member

Well unless Arendal support might know an ambassador close to you that is willing to let you listen to them.

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