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Ultra Short Throw Projector and 1723 THX Center speaker

Sven Busch
Community Member



while I am waiting for my 1723 THX Center to arrive in June, a question came to my mind and probably one of you might have an opinion here.


I am planning to replace my current 75″ TV by an Ultra Short Throw Projector, probably the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES.

As the 1723 THX Center is relatively huge, I was wondering if anyone of you is also using such a projector in combination with that center speaker and could tell me about how you have placed this under the screen.


I have seen solutions with the center speaker nearly based on the ground and the projector above – is that really recommendable? I am used to have a speaker right below the screen – would be great to get some opinions.


Thanks a lot, have a nice day




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I would definitely avoid the center speaker being placed on the ground.

Is there any way you could have the speaker behind the projector screen?

Sven Busch
Community Member

Thank, Marius.


That is exactly the problem – the room is simply not big enough to “hide” the speaker behind the screen – I would have put it in front of and below.

If I put it directly under the screen and the projector below the speaker, I would loose too much space as the distance  between projector and wall(screen) would be too big and I would have to put it nearly in the middle of my room so that the speaker would not disturb in the projection.





What are you room dimensions if you don’t mind me asking?

Will there be a cabinet below the projector and the screen? Do you have any pictures to better help visualise your setup?

A friend of mine placed their 1723 standing up and the projector on top. Not ideal but it’s not too bad:

Sven Busch
Community Member

I do not have a photo at hand at the moment.


The room size is around 18 square meters, roughly 4×4 something meters +.

It is not a dedicated cinema room but a living room, distance from screen/wall to seat is approx 3,50m.

The plan is to have also a new cabinet once I get the projector – I am quite flexible here and would also have one made based on the personal requirements.

Putting the projector on the speaker itself is not an option for me, I can not imagine that this is a “beautiful” solution I could live with :-) Especially since the Sony projector is quite huge

I think I might have a cabinet made by a carpenter and will try out how it will go with the projector on top / or incorporated into the cabinet and have a space for the center speaker directly below. That way I would not have it directly on the ground but probably in the height of let’s say 40cm or so. Maybe angling it towards the listening position will also improve the situation. Options are quite limited somehow and it definitely will have to be a compromise somehow as I do not have another room to move to :-)


Or, maybe there will be a good “normal” projector available by then that can be used as tv-replacement and where you do not not have to darken the room to get a good picture.


I will do some testing with different options/positions once I have received the center speaker in a few weeks, for the moment it is all just theory.


At that size room, I don’t think the full fat 1723 would be necessary. Slightly smaller 1723S should be able to provide a bit more flexibility if you will be getting a custom cabinet made.

Chris G.
Community Member

Hi Sven,

im using  a UST  with the Arendal 1723 S center ( originaly had 1723 center)

Had to set the big center below the UST almost at the floor.

It sounded okay or better said good enough and i had it like that for over a year, but it still nagged me that it wasn´t “perfect”

Im lucky that my overpriced UST (sony vz-1000es) has lensshift.

So im able to get a clearance of 39cm between my UST and the screenframe.

Still had to switch to the small  Center and also had to mount the Screen 11cm away from the back wall to fit  the 1723 Center  on top of the lowboard and effectivly raise up for 45cm (could have mounted the Screen 23cm away from the wall to fit the big 1723 but that probabyl would have looked awful in my livingroom cinema)

Raising it helped so much with Centering the vocals to the middle of the screen. Like i said  it was fine down low but if u can manage or think of a solution to get the Center right under the Screen u should do it. A lot of people that share their setups in the forums and facebook groups of whatever Brand they use  have the Center in a “to low” postion but they still enjoy it . So also depends on how much perfection u seek or if u are even botherd with it being a compromise.

Try measuring whats possible with ur UST model or better said what offset it has from top of the UST to bottom of the screen, but the 1723 series is a Hard fit cause of their size.



Chris G.
Community Member

Just read the first post again :D  if u are also going for the Sony then u can defenitly make something happen. But also depends on what ur Room looks like and if there is a Wife u have to please. Im  Single so i have had all the freedom :D

To make it easier u could switch to a 1723 S  like i did.

im also from Germany (between Frankfurt am Main / Mainz) if ur near and want to have a look how i did it let me know


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