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Center channel 1723 THX sound dampening

Jared Beskow
Community Member

I ordered the 1723 Center THX speaker and it is on backorder. I started looking for a foam noise dampening to put under the center channel to refuge vibrations and sound bouncing off the equipment stand. I have heard it makes a big difference with vocals. Has anyone used them and find one that works and fits well with the 1723 Center THX? All I’ve seen online seem small.

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Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Do you get any sort of vibrations going on on the stand/shelf/cabinet that the Center channel is placed on? I have had some experience with IsoAcoustics Gaia which work great, but from my testing (on Tower speakers mind you), they do most of their magic in the bass area.

Customer Support

Hey Jared,


I have the 1723 THX Model S and I have used these with pretty good success and they are affordable

Foam Speaker Stands



They come apart and I use the smaller wedge for the center. You would have to get a couple of these to do the full 1723 THX center.


Iso pads will definitely be usefull and will improve sound fidelity, I suggest you to buy a couple of iso pads designed for 8″ recording studio monitors like the t.akustik ISO-Pad 8, they’ll do the job.

This post made me stop and think. I have pads under my towers and under my subs and I know what a huge difference it made. Especially the subs, I went from shaking the house to just having great sounding bass and could actually turn it up more. My center is in a wooden cabinet so imagine it could help. Thanks for the post!

Rene Paulus
Community Member

Hi Humberto,

You can have better sound if you place your center not in the wooden cabinet. The 1723 thx center must breath (try-out it out)

Jared Beskow
Community Member

Hi OrionPax36,

That is a good idea!  I did not think of something like that.  How many are you using?  It looks like 4 from the picture.  I doubt I need to do 2 high/vertically.  Not sure if you have more behind.


Im using four of them because of the height of my TV and the TV stand is a low profile one nothing behind. Two should be great depending on if they align with your towers or Monitors. Notice in my picture I have my center on an almost even plan with the tweeters of the towers. That will give you the best spanning of speaker to speaker. 👍🏻

Jared Beskow
Community Member

Hi OrianPax36,

Thank you for the response!  Good idea!  I know Arendal recommends putting the center channel vertically to be more seamless in sound as the towers, but I doubt I will have room under the TV to put the center channel vertically and I do not want to put the TV too high.  I will be setting up the component stand (from Monoprice which is built like a tank like the Arendal speakers) and TV wall mount and TV this weekend.

I also noticed you have a Marantz receiver or processor.  I have the Marantz SR7015 in a different area and love it.  I also noticed you have Emotive amplifiers.  I may add amplifers down the road so I can bi-amp my speakers.  How do you like the Emotive amplifers?  I am also considering an Emotiva processor, Marantz, Anthem, and Monoprice (open to others that will have HDMI 2.1 support) processor.  Someone told me the Emotiva processors take a long time to boot up when turned on.  They said it took longer to turn on the Emotive processor than the projector.  I had not heard that before from anyone else so not sure if it is a setting they have.


Yeah the Emotiva amps are good amps but there are always better options out there, Check out PS audio they have a pair of amps for $2100 and produce 700Watts @4ohms which is amazing. For the Pre/Pro I definitely would recommend Anthem AVM-70 the source output on those goes to 10V rms other than Marantz and Emotiva the max is 4.6V rms. The only down fall of the Anthems are not HDMI 2.1 except the AVM-90.

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