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Wish you could asign presets to inputs 1 & 2 on 1961 Subwoofer.

Ian B.
Community Member

I have a 1961 S Subwoofer which I am pleased with, but feel it would be improved greatly for me if the facility to assign presets to the different inputs could be added as a future firmware upgrade.

My system has runs with a AV amp and an integrated stereo amp for the main left and right speakers. I have set up the two inputs on the sub as per Arendals recommeded setups for both AV and 2 channel music use. The sub switches perfectly between the two inputs automatically using the 12V trigger connection.

But every time I switch between AV and stereo use, I have to reach behind the sub to change the sound preset, I just wish I could assign the presets like I believe the 1723 range subwoofers can.

I would one day like to add a second subwoofer, but in my house I prefer the size of the 1961 S sub, but don’t want to then have to reach behind two subwoofers to change the sound preset every time I switch between stereo and multi channel use.

Any other 1961 Subwoofer owners wish their subs had this feature

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Uhh that’s a good point. I’m pretty sure that should be possible for the inputs to have their own presets. That works be really provide s great deal of flexibility.

Customer Support

Hey guys,

Thank you for your input.
At the moment the presets are tied to either RCA or XLR inputs, not the individual connectors.
We will have to talk to our engineering team to see if something like this can be easily implemented.

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Not sure what settings you have that differ between the setups, but one suggestion could be to set the subwoofer up for music, and then do a calibration and make changes needed for movies directly on the AVR. That would eliminate the need to swap between presets on the subwoofer.

This is not easy to implement, unfortunately, without completely separate inputs like in the 1723 series. It is something we were looking into during development.

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