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Arendal Sound wish list

I saw a recent post about wanting Arendal Sound in ceiling and in wall speakers and it made me curious what other things people would want to see from Arendal just for fun. Maybe something like a 1723 center channel made like the towers with four bass drivers and a 2.5-way design? An even bigger subwoofer, dual opposed 16 inchers? Maybe something simple and small like a powered bookshelf speaker or a Bluetooth speaker? Arendal headphones? Or how about a luxury, higher end, higher priced product? I feel like they currently offer a perfectly wide range of products covering a lot of the bases but I am curious what anyone else love to see!

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Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member

I just think it is a bit odd, that it works for other companies and for Arendal not.

When buying a subwoofer or speakers you usually need cables too. The point I see here is that people often “upgrade” to Arendal and don’t start out with your speakers so that the entire cable setup is already done. Speaking for me: I needed cables when I got your subwoofers and would have ordered them directly from you if the price and quality is right.

Customer Support

Hello Sebastian. Most of the known speaker companies do not offer speaker cables, just FYI.
If you do not sell the volume like the big cable companies, you cannot offer it for a good price, pretty simple.
We did not just want to rebrand some cheap cable from overseas as some companies do.
It also costs a lot of resources and we decided they would be better spent on developing our speakers and service.

There are a lot of good and inexpensive cable companies out there.
I will update our Knowledge Base article with a few recommendations.

Community Member

Does Arendal have any plans to make any type of receivers or amps? ‘Cuz then we would have seamless integration

Customer Support

No definitive plans for electronics at the moment. Amps were something we have thought about.

AVRs with HDMI and all the licensing would be impossible for a small company like ours.
Just look at all the companies over the years, that struggled to produce anything and some even filed for bankruptcy.

Community Member

A 50cm high stand for the 1961 monitor and bookshelf will be nice.

Simple sturdy black metal stands, and for the 1723 series with bigger top plates or so.



A good amp would definitely be appreciated.

JR Williams
Community Member

I read why you guys don’t offer the app control for the 1961 subs because of cost, which makes sense. But IMHO a 1961 1S+ model with app control that’s $150 (or some amount) more than the normal 1S would be killer. I’m a few months away from buying Arendal for my room, it’ll be very small for a 1723 1S (13×10) but I really want the app control so I’m still going to go with 1. I’d pay for a 1S+ if it was an option.

Community Member

@Lukas Thanks! they look indeed nice.

Community Member

1723 THX Bookshelf speakers with 8″ drivers.

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