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New center channel


Wouldn’t a wider and maybe lower center channel with maybe 4x 8inch woofers -like in the towers – be very interesting? Speaking for myself, I’d love for that to happen!

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Keith Luken
Community Member

I would prefer a true 3 way center. Since the 1723 center is identical to the monitor and performs so well what gains would a 4 x 8 woofer set up be? What they need to do is sell the 1723 a single for those that have either acoustic transparent screens or that want the 3 front stage speaker to be identical. Some reviews point out the mids are a tad laid back, likely due to the large woofer handing the mid range. Keep in mind if they did a massive center it would weight 111lbs. just like the tower.

Customer Support

We do sell the Monitors/Bookshelfs (not for 1961 though) and Towers separately so you can go with three identical speakers in the front. Also, the Center is identical to the Monitors, only the logo and backplate are different.

A three-way center would not necessarily be better. It has all its advantages and disadvantages.
A big 8″ driver doing the midrange has a different impact and authority than a small 4″ most companies use.
I would not say that our midrange is laid back. We even have had customers saying it sounds too direct.
With an 8″ midrange and the waveguide on top, the center would look very strange and would be too tall to place under a TV.
Also 4×8″ would look cool, but would have very little gain on the Center as it will be most likely crossed over at 80Hz.

There will be always compromises in every design, there is not just one right path.


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