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New speakers have arrived!

New speakers in the house. Having a little fun with the reveal on my Instagram page. These Arendal 1732 THX towers will be used for my upcoming gaming/media setup. I did a lot of research on deciding what to try next, reading a lot of trusted reviews, watching videos and speaking to friends and owners. I’ve had my eye on these ones for quite some time. The unboxing experience was very very impressive, they come super well packaged and include some nice accessories like metal bases with carpet spikes and rubber feet, high quality metal magnetic grille, a cool booklet showing the Arendal story, run down on all the parts used and testing done on all their gear and some white gloves for handling. They have some heft, being built with HDF as opposed to MDF along with four 8” bass drivers (two dedicated LF, two crossed to cover low and mids), aluminum waveguide for the tweeter. I barely got to set them up and listen to them much as it was already late last night so I will be doing some playing with them this week and look forward to seeing that they can do! These will be used in an upcoming gaming/media room along with 1723 THX surrounds, center channel and some height speakers hooked to an Onkyo TX-RZ50 with NAD M27 amplifier but for now, the towers will hang out in the living room until the basement is ready.

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Laurence Chan
Community Member

Hey Brian, I see you’re running your 1723 Tower THX’s completely sealed, just curious what you are setting your crossovers at in your Onkyo TX-RZ50 ?

Hey Laurence, in my living room I’m not currently running a sub so I just run my speakers full range. I’m waiting until I move them to their final home in the basement before I toy with opening the ports but that’s probably a little but still so I might just play with them more in the living room. Do you run yours fully open or sealed?

Laurence Chan
Community Member

I’m going to initially break-in my speakers at full range for 50hrs and then run Dirac with them fully “SEALED”.  I just ordered them today(I think you answered a question of mine on the FaceBook community), so I’ve not received them yet.  So that’s my initial plan when I get them.

Nice, man! I’m excited for you to get them and play with them! For fun, I pulled the plugs last night (didn’t recalibrate of move the speakers) but for the living room, it was a little too bloated with them being closer to the wall in the setup. I think I will for sure play with configurations and positions more once they move to the basement but for the living room, I prefer them a plugged. They still have a very nice bass kick fully sealed!

Laurence Chan
Community Member

I got the shipping notice today, and they’re scheduled for delivery this Friday.  I’m traveling for work next week, so I’ll probably get to unbox the speakers and hook them up, probably have to wait till the following weekend before getting to play.

Lawrence I’m glad your having a fantastic time with your new speakers. They are amazing beasts!

Roman Tissera
Community Member

Are you a PC or console gamer?

All consoles, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. I’ve been talking for years about adding a gaming pc to the mix as well but I still haven’t jumped yet. I primarily play single player these days

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