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Thats a tough question, they might use dual 16’ subs instead of dual 13.8.

harith ali
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i’d truly love to witness a bigger 1723 2v subwoofer have that masculine look and i love it.

I agree with you, my subs look like tiny little shoes compared to my Arendal 1723 THX towers. I do need a new sub though

harith ali
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😂 sorry to here that my G. i think Arendal has heard our cry

Customer Support

Hi guys,

A bigger subwoofer is not planned at the moment and we actually don’t get much demand or inquiries for it.
For most applications, the 1723 Subwoofer 2V is a beast, and multiple of them will rock your house.
But sure there will be some bass junkies that want 150db:)

Any subwoofer 1961 with 2 drivers in the future??
Or one with 2 drivers smaller than the 2v?


Ramon T.

Customer Support


Nothing is planned at the moment.

I think bigger subs will be hard to sell, and 1961 2v will be too similar in price with let’s say a 1723 1S.

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

I think it would be great for bragging rights, having an even larger subwoofer!

On the flip side, anyone here that would invest in a single _very_ large subwoofer costing $5k-ish? Or would you rather purchase several smaller units?

Personally I prefer to buy several smaller units due to budget and my room size, but for who has a big room and a lot of money I think a 3×12″ or 3×13,5″ or 3×16″ sub tower will be insane.

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