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Which is better for stereo imaging and soundstage?

Mohammad Addas
Community Member


For stereo listening, which speaker is better with respect to imaging precision and soundstge width: the 1723 Tower S THX (4×6.5 inch drivers/2.5 way) or the 1723 Monitor THX (2×8 inch drivers/2 way)? The tower design makes me wonder why Arendal chose to go with 2.5 way instead of 3 way?

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Mohammad Addas
Community Member

I tried the 1723 S bookshelf speakers then returned them and got the 1723 monitors. There is noticable difference in the size of the sound  and impact between the 6.5 inch and 8 inch drivers. In addition to the 3 subwoofers I already own, I expanded the system to 7 speakers and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Customer Support

Hi Mohammad,

The 1723 Bookshelf S and 1723 Monitor are completely different designs, so it makes sense what you heard.
It is not just the difference between the drivers.
I am glad you are happy now:)

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