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Design Flaws of 1961 Monitors

Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member


besides the non existing white/light grill covers of white speakers, I noticed some points on the 1723 monitors as surrounds and I believe these will be found on other speakers as well. Hence, I was wondering if I am the only one noticing/bothering about it or doing something wrong?

1. The wire terminal: First of all the screws stick out further than the speakers back, when a cable is in them. Thus, flush mounting on the wall using the key hole is not possible. Also, banana plugs barely fit in the cut out when not plugging them straight in but using the screw. Very likely to scratch the speaker with them.

2. The vesa mounting nuts are not standard vesa screw size. When buying a mount the screws coming with it (M6 I believe) don’t fit, since the nuts take M8. But even worse: The holes of the mounts often don’t take M8, so you have to extend them with a drill.

These things make the setup unnecessarily cumbersome.

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Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member


thank you that you got into more detail.

I do understand the weight issue. But

1. Even the load-bearing capacity of one single M4x15 in chipboard is ~110kg. And yes, I admit, I do not know which direction, but it probably does not even matter that much. Also I do understand that Arendal wants to be in the safe zone, but with 4 screws having a possible load of 400+kg on a 7,3kg speaker?

2. It does not matter for the speaker/screws if you put them on a tilt mount. The force is the same as it would be on the wall.

3. As stated, I do not like the fact that you declare the mounting option “vesa 100 ready” and then a vesa 100 (which again, is a standard!) does not fit. Having “some mounting option” 100mm apart does not make it “vesa 100”.

I think it would help customers, if you would provide thread adapters with the monitors like


I believe and hope when you buy them in big numbers the costs would be marginal. For customers it’s quite a hassle to get them (in a decent price range).


About the terminal screws, you are missing the point. Of course there is more room when the speakers are not hanging directly at the wall. But you provide the speaker with a key hole as a mounting option! If customers want to use it and do not want to have the distance between speakers and the wall (or spending money on mounts, which they would not need, if the speaker wouldn’t have/cause this issue…) they have a problem with this terminal.

Lose the key hole, put the mounts in the box. Otherwise the speaker is not usable on the wall (at least if you take some decent cables). Or ask the customer at the checkout if the speaker is suppose to go on the wall, have the option there to buy the speaker & mount in a bundle….

The same with the banana plugs: No I do not unplug the speakers often. But just for the installation itself it is a big help. Have you tried to hold the speaker in one hand, fiddling the cable into the terminal and tighten the screw with the other hand having a short cable coming out of the wall? It is a PITA! My banana plugs fit where the cable would go, but they scratch on the speaker a little bit. As I said, if the terminal cut out would be a bit wider the use of normal banana plugs would be possible without any issue (except the protruding screws, which should be fixed no matter what).

Explaining to me how the situation is right now does not solve the problem. I am not saying your post is not kind, but it’s not a fix either.

JR Williams
Community Member

So I’m buying 1961s in about a month, and will be getting some non Arendal mounts so I can position the speakers.  Since the few I’m looking at don’t list what screws they use. Am I safe to assume as long as I get some thread adapters like the OP mentioned I’ll be good?  The last thing I want is to get the speakers and have to wait to mount them because I don’t have the proper hardware lol.


If it matters I’m going to be ordering  Monoprice Ultra-Slim Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket. I know a few people posted that the mounts they bought worked straight out of the box, but I tend to have bad luck so I want to make sure here.

Kristoffer Svendsen
Customer Support

Hello JR,

I just looked up the manual for that Monoprice mount, and I see that they include m6 bolts in the packaging so I think you should be good! If it all comes down to it, you can always use a drill bit to make the holes larger as well.

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