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What atmos ceiling speakers go with 1723?

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Hello All,


New to Arendal and I am looking at purchasing the 1723 Monitors for LCR.  Regarding Atmos, I am wondering what ceiling speakers would match up best. My theater is set up in the main living room and I think the ceiling speakers would work best for aesthetics and my wife. The website suggests Sonance and triad would match up well if you need a ceiling speaker. Anyone using these and if so what level or model (Gold, silver etc…) of these brands match up well? Any other suggestions?


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Chris Lukowski
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Bumping this. Short of a new in-ceiling product from Arendal I don’t think the existing heights are going to work with how I want to set my Atmos speakers up. What in-ceiling brands do you feel blend the best with Arendal’s tonality? People seem generally happy with in-ceiling options from Klipsch, RSL, Revel, Focal, Martin Logan, and Polk. Polk and RSL seem to be the only ones with soft dome tweeters which I assume would make for a closer sonic match to the 1723s, assuming that’s even important. What I do want is for the Atmos effects to be noticeable and attention grabbing if that is the sound mix’s desired effect.

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I ended up going with the Revel 783 ceiling and in walls as they offer a neutral sound. Unfortunately, I will need to wait until the end of summer to install as we are in the middle of a renovation. Tons of praise for the Revel brand. I originally planned on the triad 9sat however my trusses were too short to fit the speaker. Arendal also recommends the triad brand. If I had a dedicated theater room I would have completed my system with Arendal but the wife prefers in walls/ceilings.

Luis Vazquez
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I’ve seen people recess bookshelves into the ceiling and cover them with a custom grill; some folks create a backer box for regular in ceiling, so it would be the same concept.  Personally I would use the Arendal height speakers mounted to the ceiling; however, if it’s not a dedicated space or you wish to hide them, then I would try recess them.

I’m not a fan of the Klipsch sound, so if you don’t want to mount them on the ceiling or recess Arendal’s current offerings, then I would go with the RSL; however, you may need to build a backer box for them.

C34E MKII In-Ceiling Speaker



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