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Crossover in 1723 Speakers

Whether or not upgraded parts in the crossover make a difference, have you ever tried or changed the components in the crossover? I am interested because in the manual you can see a little hint to a possible upgrade option.

Sooo, what do you think?

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I wouldn’t recommend upgrading nor installing different components to the crossover, it will change this drastically, I would download a software called REW on your computer and you can use that to see if your your speaker are running optimal. You might have to fine tune them on your receiver depending on your software.

Also I notice when you set your towers to large and keep the subwoofers on it makes big difference in the sound as well, I tried small/large in comparison and if you want more bass output since the 1723 THX towers have two 9’ drivers, set them to full range. Let your ears be the judge, also if you’re  just hooking the speakers up to just the receiver I wouldn’t recommend that either because you’ll notice a lot of distortion and clipping. If you are running them on a separate amp then thats awesome. Then you can set the speakers to small/large and notice the difference in the sound quality.

Well, I am not using software, as my integrated amplifier doesn’t have any 🤔

Regardless, the user manual suggests future upgrades and with a little experience in electrical engineering exchanging parts with the same value isn’t rocket science.

To conclude, I am not worried about breaking my speakers because I can measure them before connecting them to my amplifier. I am only interested in possible sonic impact.


I do too, and your right its not rocket science at all. What receiver are you using btw? I did see the manual and yeah I am wandering myself what that is. So to be honest give it a try if it doesn’t hurt any. I have my towers hooked up to my Emotiva amps, I want to upgrade to full differential amplifiers. Heard that makes a difference in sound quality.

I use a Rotel RA-1570. It´s only a 2 channel integrated amplifier. I have absolutely no experience with home theatre receivers, but i guess the Rotel I own would sound better and have more power than a smaller and more affordable Emotiva (I am talking about 300 up to 800 Euros).

The Rotel you have is a beauty know doubt but its only driving 120Watts per channel vs my Emo running 250Watts per channel hooked up to my Marantz AV-8805 separate receiver.  There are Rotel amps that will blow my Emos to shreds but $$$$.

Ramón T.


I also have the 1723 towers, I amplified them with Rotel 1592 (200w) they had control and dynamics, but I did not end up liking the sound.

I have also amplified them with Cambrigde stage of 200w, with this the sound I liked more, at low volume it sounds great, but it does not sound as much as the Rotel, little difference if we are not going to take it to the maximum.

Currently they are with Anthem AVM70 and ATI 1822 with this combination the difference is very big, I do not use ARC.

I have details in the sound that were not appreciated before, the bass is even more controlled and precise, the separation of instruments and voices is better.

The most important thing in a team is the room, it must be conditioned as best as possible and so we can better notice the changes in amplification and speakers.

I would never change the crossover of these speakers, they dedicate many hours to the improvement of them with many means, I do not think it can be improved.


Greetings Ramon T.

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Hey guys. Let me just give my 2 cents to this discussion.

The crossovers in our 1723 speakers are, from a production standpoint, stupidly expensive. We have spent quite a bit more than what is commonplace in the price region, which you can see from the mere size of the polyprop capacitors we use. Air core inductors as well for everything but the lowest bass.

It is certainly possible to swap out components, and you will likely be able to source ones that sound even better, or at least different, but that will be at a cost-performance ratio that is not going to look great.

Thank you Thomas, I’ve always say that the only way to change the sound out of your speakers is the amplifiers. I saw on youtube some folks change out components and get better results but to a fine hair difference. Thats why its called tweaking meaning adding distance to the receiver and running sweeps and hanging up sound proofing will help with sound acoustics. Its a battle you have to face when you want good sound

Neil H
Community Member

Personally, the 1723 speakers sound perfect the way they are. The only way I would change crossover components is maybe 30 years down the road ( capacitors) and even then, would use all the same components. Somehow, the audio world have made people to think you can improve on the manufactures abilities, hog wash.



I think the crossover of the 1723 range speakers is really great, I don’t suggest you to change the crossover.

You really have to know what you are doing when changing this type of components, also you’ll void the speakers warranty.

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