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Looking for advice on 1723 Tower vs 1723 Tower S

Nathaniel Falck
Community Member

Hi all! I’m sorry if this has been asked many times before, but each room and situation is different and I’d love your input.

I’m looking to upgrade from bookshelf speakers to towers, primarily because we’ve got a baby coming and can’t have a tipping hazard in the living room. I’ve decided to go for the 1723 Tower or Tower S, but not sure whether the benefits from a larger speaker in my situation are worth it.

Speakers are in a pretty large living room — about 8m x 8m, a bit irregular, and are used for music and home theater. I have a subwoofer in the corner and was planning to upgrade it to a 1961 1S sealed sub. Maximum volume isn’t important to me — what with the kid and all, we’ll be playing at moderate levels. What’s most important to me is a really full and lifelike midrange, and the great imaging that comes from a detailed treble presentation.

I guess that from that in terms of midrange and treble, the 1723 Tower S and Tower are going to be essentially identical — is that right? Or does the larger midrange woofers and cabinet volume provide a larger “scale” to the midrange even at moderate volumes? Would the larger towers allow me to forgo the subwoofer entirely?

Thank you!

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Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Hey Nathaniel!

There are some slight differences in the sound between these, although they are made to sound as identical as possible. The 1723 Tower has a bit more forward-sounding upper midrange, whereas the 1723 Tower S is a bit warmer in the same region. There is no better or worse, it all comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I do enjoy the slightly more lively upper midrange of the 1723 Tower.

If you want full extension down to 20Hz and below then you will need a subwoofer, but if you are OK with forgoing the last octave, then both the 1723 Tower and 1723 Tower S will do a great job down to about 30-35Hz in-room.

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