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Hegel H190 + Arendal 1723 Monitors + SVS Sub

Neil H
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I wanted to pass on this information as it may be of help to anyone looking to replace their integrated amplifier. Recently, I purchased a Hegel H190 (class A/B) in a search to improve my already good sounding NAD C-370 (so I thought) albeit an old integrated amplifier. I tried a Marantz Model 30 and did not like how the class D sounded at all, just my preference.  I wont go overboard on details, but all my research gave me a good sneaking suspicion the Hegel H190 would be a good match for the Arendals. It is an incredible match for these great speakers from the low frequency all the way to the very top. No tizzy sounds from the tweeters, exceptional bass control of the woofers. Very detailed sound. A very neutral integrated amp that doesn’t emphasis anything, meaning natural sounding without adding any coloration. They have also been on sale lately this helped my decision as well. Purchased mine from Safeandsoundhq.com, great people to deal with. Stangely enough, it took about twenty minutes of initial playing for the bass frequency to come into full play. Never believed to the extreme this was important but now I know some equipment has a break in period. If you prefer an integrated and one that gets out of the way of the music and lets the music play as pretty much recorded, then you will probably love this amp. If you prefer a amp that places emphasis on  musical information that may not really be in the recording (exaggerated base, bright highs, stand out midrange) then you may look elsewhere. If anyone wants any detailed information let me know and I will be glad to help with questions.








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Customer Support

Thank you for the feedback, Neil. It is always good to share those experiences with others and it shows you how important it is to test yourself.

I was never quite happy with Marantz gear, does not matter if A/B or D, and since I use the Yamaha all is good.
It is all personal preference in the end.

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