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Jared Beskow
Community Member

Hi OrianPax36,

Thank you for the response!  Good idea!  I know Arendal recommends putting the center channel vertically to be more seamless in sound as the towers, but I doubt I will have room under the TV to put the center channel vertically and I do not want to put the TV too high.  I will be setting up the component stand (from Monoprice which is built like a tank like the Arendal speakers) and TV wall mount and TV this weekend.

I also noticed you have a Marantz receiver or processor.  I have the Marantz SR7015 in a different area and love it.  I also noticed you have Emotive amplifiers.  I may add amplifers down the road so I can bi-amp my speakers.  How do you like the Emotive amplifers?  I am also considering an Emotiva processor, Marantz, Anthem, and Monoprice (open to others that will have HDMI 2.1 support) processor.  Someone told me the Emotiva processors take a long time to boot up when turned on.  They said it took longer to turn on the Emotive processor than the projector.  I had not heard that before from anyone else so not sure if it is a setting they have.