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Johan Svennevig
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Hi! This is a matter of taste and preference..

if I run a full band calibration i use mrc… cant explain why, but it sounds better! 😊

I have the Marantz AV8805 and ai leave this setting off. Its a matter if preference.


Personally I would avoid it. Midrange compensation is a relic from the past and doesn’t really apply to most speakers any more. But of course just pick whatever sounds the best to you :)

Scott Sova
Community Member

I personally use a hybrid approach on this.  I found that I prefer the sound on my LCR with it turned off, however, I prefer it turned on for my in-ceiling speakers.  I am using Audyssey on a Marantz AVR and both MultEQ and MultEQ-X apps allow for this to be controlled in speaker groups.

Scott Sova
Community Member

My in ceiling speakers are B&W CCM663.

I have the Denon X3700H and I leave the mid range compression off, I like the sound more when it’s off.

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