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Rene Paulus
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Hi Arendal friends,


I am going to buy 4 1723 THX monitor speakers included 1723 THX center. The sub i am going to buy is the SVS PB-4000

I want to know if i can use iso acoustics gaia 2. I don’t know if they fit under the monitor speakers

Let me know also what you think about my reference set?


Have all a great audio weekend

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Hi Adam,

Since we already talked about this via email I thought I would just add it here also.
The 1723 Monitor THX has no thread inserts so the IsoAcoustics GAIA will not fit.
You will need the model without the threaded rod.
They are called IsoAcoustics OREA or PUCK.
Just make sure you pick the one with the correct weight rating.

Another more inexpensive decoupling solution can be Sorbothane feet from various manufacturers.

The set you picked out will sound great, but of course, I would replace the SVS with a 1723 Subwoofer 2V or 1V depending on your needs.

Have a great weekend.



Customer Support

Sounds like a great 5.1 start. Please do note that the 1723 THX Monitors do not have any type of threaded feet on the bottom of them and the Gaia 2 is a threaded product. What stands were you planning on using? You could look to add the Gaia 2 to the right stand if it supports threaded feet? “Lukas beat me to it above”!

Why not go “FULL SEND!” on Arendal and shoot for Ambassador status by going with the 1723 2V subwoofer? Double the amount of drivers and the MAYHEM!



You can also use iso pads for recording studio monitors between the monitors and the speaker stands.

Rene, The setup you are buying will sound amazing. Keep in mind that the PB-4000 is a big sub, depending on your room and size it should be nice. The stands you’ve mentioned don’t work as Lukas said on the PUCK or OREA are the best option. Keep in mind the monitors are heavy, if you want to make your own speaker stands, awesome!

Also, I got creative and I use fitness pads for my center channel so I don’t have any lobbing affect. They are inexpensive on amazon. I use them were needed and they do a great job.

Roman Tissera
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Have you ever really heard a sound difference using those?

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