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What made you choose monitors over towers?

Mathew Ward
Community Member

What made you choose monitors over towers? Budget and back order aren’t an issue. Was it a room size issue? Do monitors sound as good as towers with more drivers? I know they aren’t as efficient.

I’m currently in the process of upgrading my home theater and 2 channel. I would like to integrate them closer into one system. I’m currently running a 5.1.2 system using KEF and REL. KEF LS50s and an REL HT1508 Predator. While I do love the system I think I’m missing a fuller sound by them missing a dedicated driver. My room is 13ft deep (~4m) x 17ft wide (~5m). Im using a Denon x3600h with an Audiocontrol G4 235 watt amp for the front 3. I’ve been looking at selling the reciever and amp and getting the Arcam AV31 at 120w per channel with Dirac. I already use an Arcam CDS50 CD player and an Arcam ST60 network media player.

I’m looking at the 1723s for the front 3. I know Villaman on youtube runs them in a room similar to my size.


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I use Monitors with subwoofers as it is what works best in my room.
The subwoofers are pretty well integrated (diagonal placement) and crossed over high at 90-100Hz.

This gives the smoothest frequency response and the best seat-to-seat consistency.
A Tower speaker just cannot produce that result in my room.

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Yeah, what Lukas said. I think there are very few scenarios where I would choose Towers over Monitors as long as you can have two (or more) high-quality subwoofers to do the heavy lifting. It will just give you better flexibility and ultimately better room integration.

Customer Support

I do a fair bit of 2 channel listening so the 1723 S towers work better for me. Especially when I am playing vinyl records. I have been playing around with the bass management and running 2.1 of late since I have a 1723 2S and the extra bottom end is addictive. Would I save floor space, yeah but there would still be a stand there.



Mike M.
Community Member

I do a mix of music and video listening. Our home is 110-years old and has doors in inconvenient places. That pushes the speakers wider than normal and closer to the side walls as a door is about 1/3 out from one side on the front wall. Monitors allow for the wider placement, needed toe-in, and still blend well with my dual 12″ sub. I chose the 1723 S monitors which should be arriving Saturday.

Choon Yee Tan
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I choose Monitor over Tower because,

1. subwoofer to do the low frequency

2. Arendal Sound center speaker is identical to the monitors

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I originally had 1723 towers and after a year switched over to 1723 monitors mainly for future flexibility with possibly being able to put them behind a screen in the future with a false wall. The 1723 towers are amazing and put out a ton of bass on my suspended wood floor. Ran them without a sub for most of the time I owned them and was perfectly happy with the bass output. My only regret with the monitors was not buying the stands back when they were still available. Still salty about them being discontinued.

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