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Arendal 1723 2S subwoofer

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Hi Arendal members,

Recently upgrade my subwoofers. Arendal 1723 2S replace 2x Velodyne DD12. The sound is simply amazing. Very tight, deep and controled bass exactly what I want. I was really surprised the woofer is barly move even at higher level and cabinet is rock solid. I’m really happy with my 1723 2S. Highly recommended.


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Humberto De Santiago
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Very nice! I recently watched The Batman and  when the Batmobile scene starts it really made my subs move. Maybe something to try the sub on.

That is sweet, I own two Starke sound SW-12’s they are good but not great. I do plan on upgrading to the 2S’s in the near future.

1723 sub 2S is a beast you’ll get a lot of fun, great pick! :)

Jared Beskow
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Hi Szabó,

I like your picture.  It looks like you bought a stand for the bookshelf speaker and put a board or something on top to put the center channel on top?  How did you do that?  It looks very professional.

I recently bought the 1723 2V.  I prefer the sealed subwoofer sound with music, but like the extra extension of the vented during movies.  I like Arendal includes the foam to plug the vent to convert it to a sealed subwoofer.  I look forward to hearing and testing the subwoofer in both scenarios.

I am sure you will love the 1723 2S

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Hi guys,

Thank you all. I really love 1723 2S and all my 1723 setup. Subwoofer able to produce something special. Many other subwoofer rather sound one note bass compare Arendal subwoofer. I’ll try it in my stereo system. I“m sure 1723 2S will outperform my two REL B1. I have a plan to add second 1723 2S one day to handle both HT and stereo system. All my stands are diy.



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