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Neil H
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Hi Hans

I have a SVS sub. My other house had wood floors and a basement underneath. The sub would „couple“ with the floors and easily rattle my walls and other items. Personally, this annoys me because it’s a form of distortion I don’t like. It’s fun the first couple of times then it wore on me. That being said, I added the SVS Sound Path isolation feet and except for extreme volumes my house didn’t rattle. The house I’m in now is on a slab (concrete floor no basement) and I wouldn’t imagine there would be any coupling issues if the feet were removed. At certain frequencies you can feel the couch start to vibrate at times. My opinion is the Sound Paths are worth the money and protects the bottom of the sub more.

Hans Erik Sæbø
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Thanks for your feedback!

I personally have hardwood floors on top of a concrete floor in the basement. I guess I might go with the Gaia 1 or something. I might try the SoundPath too. They seem a lot cheaper…🙈


Hans if you want to you could try and use fitness pads, I would research and try and buy ones that will have the same dimensions as the subs you have. Start there if you want the feet then yes get those instead.

Andrew Morrison
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I have SVS soundpath on all 3 of my 1723 2S subs

I did see a tip on inverting the soundpaths and using them as furniture sliders to move the subs over carpet

saves your back

Håvard Berge
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I would love to have some feedback with people who have tried either the Gaia’s or SVS SoundPath feet on their Arendal Subs. Or maybe someone have even tried both :D

I have 2x 1961 1V and live in an apartment with hardwood floors. Not getting a lot of complains, but if I can bother the neighbors less and have „better sound“ that would be great.

I’m not that familiar with SVS subs, and not sure if they have any „feet“ included by default? If they don’t I guess the Arendal Subs are already in a better position.

Andrew Morrison
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SVS subs have removable rubber cones for feet

I already had SVS Soundpath that I used with SVS subs so I might as well use them with my Arendals

I perfered using Soundpath rather than using an isolation platform such as Auralex Gramma

the SVS Soundpath are expensive but if you suffer from room rattles worth trying



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Gaia ii feet on the 1723 2s.


Doesn’t do anything meaningful on the dual opposed driver, but looks nice and makes it easier to lift or vacuum with the additional height.

Neil H
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So, this makes me wonder about what Kevin mentioned about with the opposing drivers that the feet do not really matter much. Does this mean the Arendal subs do not „couple“ with the floor, thus causing vibration through the room ?

Andrew Morrison
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there are so many variables

carpeted or hard flooring?

IMO the supplied puck feet are more than adequate

but subs on a suspended floor in an old apartment might annoy the neighbours or people in adjacant rooms, and thats where an isolation platform or isolation feet might help


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