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4x 1v subwoofers vs 2x 2v subwoofers



im coming from dual SVS pb16 ultras and I’m unsure if I should get 4x 1v subs or 2x 2v subs. My brain tells me 4x 1v but my heart actually says 4x 2v:p but that is beyond overkill in a 2” square meter room?:p


i like the idea of opposing woofers in the cabinet.

but I would really appreciate to hear you thoughts and experiences before I pull the trigger😊

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Laurence C
Community Member

Have you thought about keeping the PB16 Ultras for now, and trying them out with the new setup?  If the PB16 Ultras are working to your satisfaction, then you’ve saved some money, if not then order the four 1v or two 2v subwoofers and all you’ve lost is just a little bit of time.

You make a good point there!! Maybe I’ll do exactly that. Thanks:)

Laurence C
Community Member

If you do decide to go with the Arendal subwoofers, do tell us what you think.  I’d be curious to hear your comparison results.

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

I will say that 4 x 1723 Subwoofer 2V is going to be epic, from your and your friend’s point of view. I will be guessing your neighbours don’t share the same enthusiasm about it though.

The PB16’s you have do offer plenty of output though, the main difference will be the dynamics and attack, going from PB16 to 2V, plus some more of the ultra-deep bass output.

Thanks for your Feedback :)

I think 4x 2v is the endgame!
as for neighbors, they are too far away to care;);)

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