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Thoughts and Experiences of adding a Emotiva DR3 External Amp or other Ext Amp ….

Philip Channell
Community Member


I currently run 1723s Towers L/R 1723 Centre and 1723s surrounds and backs on a Denon x6700h.

I have been thinking for a while about an External Amp and toyed with Emotiva DR3 vs something else like  Parasound A31 however my finance hat hat is asking if an extra £3K will give me £3K of improvement.

Please share your experiences of adding an external amp ? improvements ? differences etc as well as which brand / model you went for and for which AVR.


Kind regards,



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Ford Holt
Community Member

I use to be in the ball park of amps are not needed as long as you can get the volume you need. Curiosity got the better one and I purchased so.e amps for my system. Even while at the same volume I will say I can hear a more detailed and dynamic sound….. now I went with emotive basx amps and not their higher end stuff. I would say for me it would be hard to justify 3k for an Amp. as for me their is a point of diminishing returns and a 3k amps is way beyond my limit. I think at that price I would be too critical of listening and making sure 3k can be heard vs enjoying the movie/game… the basx was a good sweet spot for me as I do enjoy listening to dynamics and having a critical ear but I don’t want to forget to enjoy the show as well.

Philip Channell
Community Member

Thanks Ford, I appreciate you sharing your experience and food for thought.

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