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1723 or 1723s monitos

Edward Greenberg
Community Member

I have read almost universal acclaim for the 1723s but somewhat more tepid reviews for the 1723s. But cost is a concern for me me. I would probably go for a LCR system. I already a M&K sub so I could hold off on the sub and a pair of Snell Surrounds so cold also get by with those for a while.  Inety percent of my listening is music. My room is modest size. It is about 11 by 18 with my listening area about 9 feet from front wall. I am anxious to hear suggestions on est way  to go. Thanks in advance.

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Both are thx ultra rated. My room is larger than yours and I’ve had no issues with the 1723 S, and at no point has it felt like they are not up to the job.

Due to cost and flexibility I also use 1961 speakers for height and surrounds and they have really surprised me! Arendal have done a great job there where even their smallest speakers sound large and full!

If a cost is a concern that’s exactly why the S series exist, you are getting the best performance for that cost.

I have a room with a similar size as yours and mounths ago I was in the same situation choosing between 1723 and 1723s monitors.

Both will surely do the job, 1723s monitors are not too small for the room and 1723 monitors are not oversized for the room, It depends on budget and if you think you’ll in future move to a bigger room.

Personally I went with the 1723 monitors because in future I’ll move the theatre in a larger room and they are more future proof.

I suggest you to get the 1723 monitors if budget is not a problem because you can feel the difference of having in front 8″ woofers, but 1723s will surely not disappoint you.


Roman Tissera
Community Member

Definitely go with the 1723s.

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