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Hi Craig,

I have been using the Marantz Pre-pros in the past but switched to Yamaha CX-A5100 and now CX-A5200 and I am very happy with it. It is super reliable and sounds great. I tried Arcam and NAD but they were way too buggy for me.
The next step for me would be a Trinnov, but it is out of budget.

We have a lot of customers that are happy with their Anthem AVM70. It came out a little too late for me, so I never tested it.

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I am using the anthem avm70 with my full 1723 setup. I am running 2 x monolith 7X amps as well. I have used many denon and marantz avrs as well. Trinnov would be nice but way out of my budget for now. Maybe I should start a youtube channel since it seems that brings a Trinnov quickly. Hehe!

I am using the Marantz 8805 sound processor, I loved it and am running two Crown XLi amps along with two Emotiva amps. Sounds great but I am looking at Anthem for the future.

Ford Holt
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I’m looking to get a Onkyo rz50 due to Dirac Calibration. Most of my speakers are on amps so no concern over amperage. Not a big fan of Onkyo interface bit most others pre/pros are way out of my range right now. Really liking the new NADs though.

Abdoeraouf Titus
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Hi I’m using the the onkyo rz5100 pro excilent for the price my next step up Wil be accurus muse or act 4

Rene Paulus
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I am using a Anthem mrx-740 with setup 5.2.2.(1723 THX speakers) And very happy with the receiver. The sound is top.

Laurence Chan
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Emotiva RMC-1 and I couldn’t be more happy with the Emotiva sound and Dirac.  I’m hoping the 1723 Tower THX and 1723 Center THX(I’ve just orderered)will take the front stage(LCR) to a new level.  If it does, the 1723 Bookshelf S will be my next purchase for back/side surrounds.

Hans Erik Sæbø
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Just made the transition from a Denon X8500H receiver to a Anthem AVM 70 and Emotiva power amplifiers. Looking forward to hooking everything up to my brand new Arendal setup when it arrives:)

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I have Datasat LS10 which is far superior then my previous Lexicon MC10. With basic setup Datasat was better then Lexicon with Dirac. Datasat is my end game processor. Simply amazing with Arendal 1723 monitors 17232S , Simaudio Moon Aurora.

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