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I was wandering the same. That would be awesome because the ones I have in now are just budge set speakers and for now they do the job.


I am looking to possibly have a VOG speaker for my Auro 3D setup and it would be nice to have a slim speaker that could be mounted on the ceiling, or for some an in-ceiling speaker. Because Arendal’s main audience is Europeans in many cases ceilings would be solid, thus most people would struggle with an in-ceiling speakers.

I think something like a Dali speaker would be nice:

+1 for this. I’m planning on going with the 1961 heights mounted on ceiling as an alternative

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Hi guys,

Welcome to our Arendal Sound Community!

In-Ceiling and In-Wall speakers are something we talked about a lot but they are not coming in the near future.

So going with alternatives like our 1961 Heights is a great idea.

If you absolutely have to have In-Wall or In-Ceiling speakers, something that has a balanced/neutral sound, with good on and off-axis response will work just fine. It also should fulfill your SPL needs of course.
You will still need to equalize the sound to match it to the rest of the system.



For those wondering to have ceiling speakers I would suggest looking into Auro 3D and having just 4 height speakers that don’t need to be wall mounted.

I have found much better results with Auro 3D layout rather than Atmos. I’ll share some pictures later on :)

Steven Briggs
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I used the 1961 heights and I’m pleased. I can angle them in how I want. Far better than in ceiling.

although I did have to make custom bracket to mount the Arendal bracket on.


Joe Johnson
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I have 4 on ceiling.. Thinking of 2 more

Mike Sterrenburg
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Steven, can you show uw how you made the custom bracket to mount the heights to your ceiling?

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Hey Joe. I saw your speakers mounted on the ceiling in the shot you sent me. Pictures of how you achieved that great setup would be great for in here if you wouldn’t mind sharing!


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