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An ‘Outlet’improvement suggestion

Peter Mee
Community Member

Browsing the outlet, there’s no obvious indication of whether you’d be purchasing a single speaker or a pair. On the main site, price is given as  €xxx/pair, but in outlet, this is missing.

Several times while browsing, I’ve had to go to the main shop to check the prices to be sure to be sure. It’s not helped by the fact that only single speaker images are shown.

Or is it just me?

Also, maybe a feedback forum would be useful for this kind of post?

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Customer Support

Hi Peter.

The outlet section shows you how many items are in stock.

Most of our products can be purchased separately so it will show how many pieces are available.

With products that come only in pairs, it will show how many pairs are available.


Jan Ove Lassesen
Customer Support

Hi Peter,

that is a good idea with a Feedback Channel. We will discuss it and let you know.

Thank you.


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