Best room EQ?


Has anyone tried most mainstream EQ system and can provide their opinion on the differences? I’ve tried Audyssey and YPAO. From those two I did prefer Audyssey but there’s many more and would be curious to hear what other people think.

Thanks :)

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I’ve only listened to audissey at the moment and in most situations I prefer to switch it off.

I have Auydessy myself and its a struggle with this one, sometimes it doesn’t EQ the bass very well so I have to go back into the app and customize the subwoofer settings. Also, you might have to re enter the distances and levels and I find that Auydessy likes to set speakers Large it’s annoying. But I will say this though its getting better and they are working on the bugs.

I owned a Yamaha RX-3050 at the time and that was my first Dolby Atmos receiver when it came out. The one thing I must say that the receiver was capable of was you could customize your own frequencies, but YPAO wasn’t as good as fine tuning bass below 40Hz. I was hoping that they had some XLR hook ups at the time but RCA was readily available.

I heard Dirac Live was amazing, haven’t played around with it nor heard it, I hear its an amazing experience. There is also ARC Genesis from Anthem Audio I heard was incredible. I plan on buying the AM-70 which retails for $3799 if anyone would like to know.

On a side note: Any Marantz or Denon receiver when tuning with Auydessy your surround speakers tend to run hot meaning they sound louder than your front stage. This is also an on going statement I’ve noticed personally.


@Orion the Denon/Marantz surrounds thing is only the case if you have dynamic EQ where it will boost bass at lower volumes but also the surrounds. With DEQ off, all speakers should be even.


I’ve heard great things about Dirac Live as well but sadly not many receivers are select premium ones got it. I think new Pioneer and Onkyo receivers now come with Dirac but it’s the first iteration and I don’t tend to like testing such things out before they had time to fix all of the issues.

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If you don’t mind complexity then you’ll like Dirac, but if you want a simple plug and play then Auydessy.

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