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Dual 1723 2V Subwoofer or Dual SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer

Dylan Vella
Community Member

This will be my set-up. 7.2.4

x2 1723 monitor for left and right

x1 1723 centre

x2 1723 surrounds (sides)

x2 1723 surrounds (rears)

As for the rears shall I go for 1723 BOOKSHELF or keep 1723 surrounds for rears as well?


And last but not least, which dual sub should I go for? 1723 2V Subwoofer vs SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer


This setup will be strict to movie watching only, no music.




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Laurence Chan
Community Member

Room dimensions would be a good place to start?  I take it that you have narrowed your search for subwoofers down to ported?

Customer Support

As Laurence already mentioned, room dimensions and maybe a sketch/photo of the room would be good.

I personally like to keep the surrounds the same so I would not mix surrounds with bookshelfs.

And of course, you do not have to ask us if the 1723 Sub 2V is the superior subwoofer:)

Dylan Vella
Community Member

6m long by 4m width. Yes I think ported is better for movies only.

Laurence Chan
Community Member

Hey Dylan,

How tall are your ceilings?  I’m going to guess on the large side and say 10ft, so if that is the case your room is approximately <2600 cubic-ft(if you have vaulted ceilings this will change).  I’m going say if you’re room is enclosed and does not open to any other areas, as long as you optimally place your dual subwoofers, either of the two subwoofers you’ve chosen should easily pressurize your room quite sufficiently.  I’ve not heard the 1723 Subwoofer 2V, but I’d say spec-wise, they are similar though the 2V’s have dual opposing 13.8″ drivers and the SVS has one 16″ driver.  With everything being otherwise equal, I’d say the 2V’s are a much better looking subwoofer in the black satin than the black oak veneer of the PB16-Ultra, they both offer a black gloss/piano black finish but I’m not a fan of the glare/light reflection of either.  The 2V has a 10yr warranty on everything but the amp(which is a 5yr) and the PB16-Ultra is a straight 5yr on everything.  Like Lukas, I think the 2V is the better subwoofer.

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