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Perfect choice of speakers, I really like the feeling in the living room. Very calm interior. Awesome coffee mug, how did you get it? Take care

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Even better would be to offer these mugs to any customer that may want to purchase one.  I would add that a few weeks ago I went to add the “WALL BADGE” to my cart to purchase for $59, but at check out I noticed that shipping is $49.  I very much would like the Wall Badge for my home theater but shipping when cost is almost the amount of the purchased item just isn’t customer friendly.  If I had thought about this when I was spending over >$10,000usd for my 7.x.4 1723 series speaker setup I would’ve ordered it then.  Since Arendal Sound uses FedEx Ground in the US, there is no way that it cost $49 to send a wall badge(even in this Joe Biden caused recession and 8.9% inflation levels)but yes I understand that shipping costs for the speakers at the weight and size of the boxes is in-line with the speaker products.

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Hey Laurence.
You are absolutely right, it does not cost that much to ship with FedEx. It is more the warehouse that charges us stupid amounts for small orders like this so we have to charge it as well. I can tell you we basically earn nothing when sending out a single wall badge, that is why we always try to bundle it with a speaker.
I will write you an email later today maybe we can make something work.

Those black mugs were a very small batch that we made for testing purposes. The quality was not the best that is why we never sold it. But new merch is in the making.

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Thanks Lukas, good to hear that some new swag is in the works.

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