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Good stuff to listen to 🎵

Hey guys, right now I am listening to Rammstein’s new album called “Zeit” on my 1723 S speakers (sounds great ☺️).

From a “song-perspective” it unfortunately is a mediocre album, but from a production standpoint it is quite interesting.

While not super-audiophile in nature, they used 3D-Sound as mentioned in Apple Music’s album description.

Flake’s synth sounds really seem to come from behind or appear directly in your ear, also the guitar sound is PHat.

Songs I can recommend are:

1. Angst

2. Zick Zack

3. Armee der Tristen

4. Meine Tränen

5. Giftig

Do you guys have any opinion on Rammstein’s new album?


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The album is not bad but I prefer the older albums, tomorrow I’ll try to listen to it with my 1723 7.1 system, at the moment I’ve listened to the album only with my KRK recording studio monitors.

Virgil Everett
Community Member

Great suggestion, that album is killer!

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Thanks for the heads-up! I have been listening to this over the past week and although not their best album IMO, I absolutely like it.

Customer Support

How about something completely different?

Conforce – Machine Conspiracy 2010/2014 (reissue)

Melodic, ambient techno, with very deep bass and a great sense of space.
Especially the track machine conspiracy stands out.

Community Member

If anyone is into “modern” jazz, try Brian Culbertson’s trilogy series. There are 3 separate CD’s called: Brian Culbertson “Red”, Brian Culbertson “Blue” and Brian Culbertson “White”. These are very enjoyable. He has many other great recordings as well. You can look him up on Brianculbertson.com  These recording are recorded very well, great dynamics, clear instrumentation, great base. They sound superb on my 1723 Monitors. Another great recording to play is called “Agent 22”. Also excellent in dynamics and deep base. I would use good headphones and sample them on Youtube to get an idea of how these albums sound (even though Youtube uses a lot of compression you can still get a good idea if they are what you like before purchasing).

Ford Holt
Community Member

<span style=”font-family: graphik, sans-serif; font-size: 16px;”>Rammstein is not as popular here in the USA but I use to listen to them in high school as the beats were really stand out. I still remember learningore German from thir music then I did in my German Language class….good times </span>

Community Member

If anyone wants to listen to some good bass testing jazz music. Try some of the group “Bona Fide” – “Soul lounge” and “Royal Function” CD’s. I always sample my music on Youtube first before buying. Even though on Youtube the music is compressed, it gives you a very good idea if you like the music.

Kristoffer Svendsen
Customer Support

Although not completely audiophile, Ummet Ozcan released Xanadu today. It’s a really interesting track with lots of bass. Not my usual cup of tea, but it just puts a smile on my face.

Another great track with lots of dynamics is Judgement Day by Stealth.


I’m definitely gonna give some of the tracks recommended above a listen!


Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Just got the 1723 Sub1V added to my 1723 Tower at home… and the Tidal playlist we often use here at Arendal Sound suddenly got even more fun to listen to! Enjoy!

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