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Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

I love seeing the woofers get some workouts. But I also like the clean look when having the grille on. So for me, it is grille on in a livingroom, and grille off in a dedicated room. :)

Community Member

I like the grills off on my LCR but for the surrounds and rear surrounds I like having them on.

Clifton Lum
Community Member

Grills off for me.  I guess I like seeing the goodies, especially when it’s turned up and you can see the excursion.

Laurence Chan
Community Member

I don’t have Arendal subwoofers but all eleven of my 1723 and 1723 S series speakers look better with their grills on, I think the look is more classy…

Luis Vazquez
Community Member

Not sure why, but I have always preferred my main speakers with the grills off.  The surround or effect speakers with the grill on; I’m neutral with subwoofers.  Kind of odd… but I’ve preferred them that way, at least for the last 20 or so years.

Marius Pedersen
Community Member

I prefer the grills off, but due to my 16th month old, they are strictly on for the time being.

Chris G.
Community Member

Always with Grills on

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