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Hi Ramon,

Good afternoon. Are you looking to install the triaxial speakers on the ceilings or on the walls? If you are installing on the walls, do you have in-ceiling speakers. This would influence on suggested answers for placement for sure.

Let us know!


Ramón T.

I have the installation already done, I am a Hero and you can see it on my profile.I have 4 TriAxial on the wall and 2 ceiling speakers Audio Monitor.The doubt comes to me because of the Dolby Atmos specifications, there are those who say that the rears must be 10 cms more than heard and when I see specifications of the TriAxial it puts between 50-60 cms.My next step is to change the roof ones for an Arendal, I like it recessed, but you don’t have it yet.

Ramón, the atmos placement needs to be 30’-35 degrees from your listening position and the tweeter needs to be angled about 15 degrees towards the listener. What are your ceiling heights?

Question: 10cm above the listening position? Because 50-60cm is the old school way when listening to a 5.1 setup. Things change when using Atmos.

Also, if you want to download a software called REW and buy a Umik-1 mic from Amazon. You can find out if their is any nulls in your speakers when tuning them.

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