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Let’s show how happy we are with our Arendal Sound System!

Behind every nickname in this forum there is a person that love music and/or cinema and who spend a lot of effort and time to try getting the best out of their system.

It’ would be nice as a community to be able to associate the nicknames with our proud faces, many people including me have made a lot of sacrifices to pursue this awesome hobby.

Let’s show how happy and satisfied we are with our Arendal Sound products through our happy faces!

I begin with mine :O


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Mirko, my name is Raffaele its nice meeting you and welcome. I love music and watching movies as well. My HT is my sanctuary and spend a lot of time just enjoying the awesome sound with these amazing speakers.

Todd M.
Community Member

Hello Mirko,

While you asked for our faces, I would rather show my “setup”.  I AM SMILING THOUGH!

My passion has always been more in the two-channel listening experience, having started my audiophile journey back in the 1970’s.  I have had numerous surround systems over the past several decades, but my current listening room, limits my potential options.  (Yes, that is a soundbar, under the 60” OLED… Sorry).  Having seen multiple positive reviews of the Arendal products, more specifically the 1723 Monitor; I opted to try the 1723 Monitor S, based on space availability.  I “upgraded” from a pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.2’s.   Due to the height of the shelf on this wall unit, and my listening position, I have the speakers tipped slightly forward.  I also use a “very old” Velodyne, servo controlled, F-Series subwoofer.  They are driven with a new GaN technology amplifier from Orchard Audio – Starkrimson Ultra.

I am EXTREMLEY satisfied with the sound of these speakers!  The imaging, sound stage, bass extension, and overall tonal quality are excellent.!


Neil H
Community Member

Hi Mirko, so nice to meet you. My name is Neil, I’m from the USA and am 61yrs old. Music has been a true passion for approx 40 years, yikes! I spend as much time as possible listening to my 2.1 channel system. That is my therapy after long work days. The only downside to this community is most, if not all of us, will never be able to get together and enjoy the passion we share. None of my friends care at all about music beyond their phone and ear buds, what a shame. So, this leaves me alone in my passion. Strangely, like a prison cell with no visitors. This doesn’t discourage me though as my music partner, my cat, always comes and sits by me when the music comes on.

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