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Level matching Tri-Axial surrounds



I was trying to dial in the surrounds levels to match the rest of the speakers of my 5.0.4

I don’t know if this is a common practice for this kind of triaxial speakers design, but after doing a calibration with dirac I had to raise 2db my surrounds to actually level the surrounds speakers to the rest of my system.

Has this something to do with the 2 additional full range speakers skewing the measurements with the omnidirectional mic?

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Jurgen Hooglander
Community Member

They sound the same at reference or calibrated level, but when you listen on lower volume the less sensitive surrounds loose more output then the rest of the system.

For THX the 3 front speakers must be the same design for that reason.

Ok, I understand now why I had to do so, it’s basically because after applying the house curve that I’m using (a Harman tailored for the LCR), I’m cutting lots of decibels from the frequencies from 100hz till 300hz.

Ramón T.

What happens is that the triaxials are 84dbs and the 1723 towers are 92dbs, for example, the triaxials need more W to sound at the same level. I also have a lot of difference in the settings, it is preferable to lower the volume of the towers than to have to raise the triaxials a lot.

That I know, I was talking about the trim set by Dirac, and depending on the house curve you use, the trim levels might be completely off, and that was basically what happened to me, after applying a house curve to all speakers to mimic my LR, the levels calculated by Dirac were completely off because are calculated without taking into account the house curve

Ramón T.

Oh okay, I didn’t understand it well.
By the way, I have seen from your profile that you are from Spain, I am from Cádiz 😅

Ramón T.

El mundo es un pañuelo jjajaja

Kristoffer Svendsen
Customer Support


The other guys has answered it pretty well, but I thought I’d also add that they might need some additional power depending on their distance from your listening position. That’s basically the whole point of gain/level matching: All the speakers should sound equally loud in your listening position, and distance greatly affects the level, in addition to the sensitivity difference already mentioned.

How are you liking the setup so far?

Hi Kristoffer,

It’s clearly “a problem” of Dirac, it looks like it does not take into account the house curve applied to the speakers, and because of positioning, the height speakers and surrounds speakers at home overpowers the frequencies between 100hz and 400hz, when the house curve trims those frequencies you are basically “stealing” decibels of sound to those speakers that are not compensated, I tested with bizarre curves and dirac always applies the same trim levels independently of the house applied per speaker or pair of speakers.

I am enjoying so really much my current setup, I guess next year I would be completely happy whenever I am able to purchase a subwoofer.


I also made several blind tests with different house curves, and I have to say that with the arendals and in my room it’s better to not correct over 300hz.

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