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REW and bass correction

Norman Uittenbogaart
Community Member

I was at a friends house yesterday and adjusteds the 1961 1V sub to a house curve in REW.
But before the correction the sub very there and exciting.
After applying a house curve (which it followed perfectly), it sounded very dull and bassless.

What is your experience with applying Room EQ and following the house curve.
Is this advisable or not?

See enclosed response (before volume correction and before EQ)


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Kristoffer Svendsen
Community Member

Hello Norman,

I see room gain is very in your friend’s favor here, as you have plenty of low-end output. Since the output from the “before” measurement is over 20dB louder than the rest, it will sound a lot less fun if you level-match it so that everything is the same volume. If you weren’t listening particularly loud after doing the EQ and volume correction, this will also make the sound “less fun”. If you listen well below reference (0dB on your receiver), you might benefit from enabling dynamic eq (or similar, depending on the model of your receiver). If you don’t want to enable those types of settings, simply increasing the level on the sub will also do the trick! Do you have the “after” measurements as well?

Please let us know if this helps at all!

Chris Lukowski
Community Member

Do you have the “after EQ” measurements?

Norman Uittenbogaart
Community Member

Unfortunately I did not save them, so I will have to remeasure next time.

But it was completeley flat with a house curve and I had the volume a +10dB above the rest of the speakers.
Still it felt almost as if there was no bass, ofcourse thats after hearing it with the room gain.

Community Member

EQ to flat, apply house curve and adjust sub level/gain to taste.

Works for me :-)

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