Hans Erik Sæbø
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Will the 1723 HEIGHT S be good as an atmos channel mounted in the ceiling? How will it be mounted? I have Klipsch PRO-180 RPC LCR for my rear atmos today, so I’m wondering if o should add one more pair of those or swap it for Arendal aswell. I already got a big hole in my ceilings for those, so that might be a problem:p

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Customer Support

Hi Hans,

We have customers with the 1723 Height S mounted on the ceiling.
It has a VESA100 mount included which will work for such an application.

Just make sure you get the angles and position right.

Also do not forget that this is a very big and heavy speaker!

Laurence Chan
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Wow, mounting these on the ceiling?  While I get the VESA100 mount is included I thought it was only for wall mounting. For ceiling mounting it would only support the speaker on the top portion of the speaker.  These speakers are 11.2 kg/24.7 lbs, so I guess if these were to be mounted to the ceiling, they had better be mounted in to studs.  Personally these would look rather klunky(out of place) on a ceiling and I’d be worried that almost 25lbs of speaker falling and hurting someone.  On the other hand, wall mounting from side walls(if possible) would be safer and could be carefully mounted at the right height for maximum immersive sound.

I’d be curious to see pictures of these speakers mounted on the ceiling.  Any links to pictures?

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