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1961 Surrounds Placement

Hani Alzahrani
Community Member

Hi all,

According to a support article and to the 1961 manual, the 1961 surrounds are advised to be configured in a specific order. I have read in a forum that this is true for the 1723 surrounds but not true for the 1961 surrounds. In that forum, the owner of the 1961 surrounds was saying that the 1961 pair are identical and there is no mark to identify each speaker as left and right by any means.

I checked the 1961 and the 1723 manuals and both advise configuring the speakers based on the left and right specific speakers.
<p style=“text-align: center;“>I am sure that this applies to the 1723 surrounds since a friend of mine owns them. Can someone please confirm if this applies to 1961 as well?</p>

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I am quite sure that for 1961 it does not matter as both speakers in the box are identical.


This would only make a difference if the surrounds could be set-up as di-pole or bi-pole which 1961 don’t have that option to switch.

Hani Alzahrani
Community Member

The following is from 1961 manual:

„The reason for the left and right specific speakers is that the side mounted drivers in this TriAxial surround are mounted out of phase with each other, is to create a large, rear surround field. The side driver that is in phase with the front mounted drivers, needs to be the one pointing at the front speakers for optimal surround effect placement and steering. This means that the TriAxial surrounds are mirror image pairs.“

I have contacted Arendal support to confirm whether the 1961 surround are left and right specific as the manual says or if they are identical.

Will update the article once I get a confirmation.

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