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New Arendals coming in hot and I hyped!

Hey y’all! New to the community and just wanted to say hi. My speakers shipping to me in the next few weeks and I will be setting up my new entertainment/gaming setup! I’ve been a long time Arendal lurker, and after a couple years of admiring and hearing nothing but good and reading all the stellar reviews, I decided to make the jump! I’ve previously used and owned many different speaker setups in various rooms, Mirage, KLH Kendall’s, Klipsch THX, Klipsch RF-7 III’s, JTR, Focal. I can’t wait to receive the new toys and I will update with my experience on here and various social platforms.

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Welcome Brian! 👋🏻👋🏻

Which Arendal speakers did you go for?

Best wishes


Sven Busch
Community Member

HI Brian,


welcome to the community. I am also quite new to Arendal, having bought my first sub (1723 1V) from them in January. In the meantime the 1723 THX towers followed as well as the 1723 THX Center speaker which I have received just this week.

Measurements with REW and setup was done yesterday.

I am still grinning all over my face.

Superb experience, great speakers. You will definitely not regret I guess.


Which ones did you order?




Johan Svennevig
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Congrats! You have sonmuchbtoclook forward to!

Customer Support

Hi Brian! Love that you were a long time listener…first time caller! LOL!!! Great to hear you are onboard with us. We love our evangelists and hope you are here to stay. If you have any questions about your order or need support, you know where to find us!

Have an awesome day!



Thank you, I have a 1723 THX setup on order. For the time I ordered 5 bed level and 2 Atmos but I will expand later to more channels once I adapt the room to a dedicated theater, for now it’s going to be more of a media/gaming room

Roman Tissera
Community Member

Out of curiosity what Mirages did you have?

I had the Mirage OM-7’s but that was many years ago. My brother and I moved and had a smaller room to work with so I ended up getting rid of those for Klipsch THX Ultra which were a better fit for that space and I had shifted to almost entirely movies and gaming so it worked out for me

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