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Recommended amp for 1961? 4 ohm

Johan Svedjefält
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Hello everybody .

I’m about to build a 1961 series HT and have a Marantz sr6007. Currently used as a pre amp with Genelec 8030c in a 3.2 setup. I got two 1961 1961 1s subs.

So, if I buy 3 1961 monitors what are the recommended amp? Its 4 ohm so I guess my sr6007 aren’t gonna cut it. But I can still use it as a pre amp. So what do you sound gods say?

I know it depends on…..

But let’s say cheap to expensive suggestions!:)



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Hi Johan,

Basically, every AVR out there will handle 4Ohm speakers.
The Marantz SR6007 delivers 5x100Watts plus, and 2x160Watts into 4Ohms.

That is plenty if you only use 3 channels and have them crossed over at 100Hz to the subwoofers.

If you listen super loud, then maybe an external amp can sound a bit better, but I personally would try it as is first.





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