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For home theater purposes, I’ve always set my speakers to small, regardless of their bass output or ability to play below the crossover point as a single or multiple subwoofers will provide the required impact and deep bass for movies.  That being said, based on speaker size, I have experimented in the past with crossover points, initially setting it between 65 and 80hz; however, usually settling on 70 or 80hz as the subwoofers dig much deeper.  For stereo purposes, I prefer to  listen in “pure stereo” mode without the subwoofers; but that’s my preference… you may prefer to listen with the subs on.  Best thing to do is experiment, listen to your favorite music or movie scene and see which sounds best to your ears…. simply keep in mind that most AVRs will turn off the LFE signal to your subwoofers if your speakers are set to large, so verify what the setting does in your setup.

Have fun and let us know how things turn out and what you prefer…

Kristoffer Svendsen
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Hello David!

This is a question we get from time to time, and we generally recommend turning off LFE+main and setting the speakers to small instead of large. Having both the front speakers and the subwoofer cover the lower frequencies, can cause phase issues and make the bass sound muddy and lose detail. The larger drivers on a subwoofer will almost always sound better at these low frequencies because they have to move less to move the same amount of air, which leads to lower distortion and better sound quality. What crossover frequency will largely depend on your room and what front speakers you have. 80Hz is generally a good starting point, but if you want more impact from the front speakers, a slightly lower frequency of 60Hz can sound awesome as well. This is especially true for music from my experience. In my setup with 1961 monitors and 1723 subwoofer 1v, I cross them over at 110Hz, because I found this made the most seamless transition between the two, and just sounded best in my room.

David Young
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Appreciate both of your replies, thank you.

Audio configuration day is Friday and will be playing with it for sure.


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You’re welcome @David… let us know how things turn out!!

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