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Arendal Subs vs SVS Subs

Neil H
Community Member

Does anyone have any experience as to whether the Arendal subs are better than the SVS subs as far as definition, distortion, tightness, etc.  Power output is not a concern as I don’t crank the volume way up. Just wandering if I would gain much with an Arendal sub. The SVS was a huge improvement over my Velodyne sub just as the Arendal Monitors were a huge improvement over my Magnat (not imported in the USA anymore) speakers. I’m a sealed sub person and currently using the SVS SB13 Ultra. I am happy with it.

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Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

You may not get the most objective view point from me, as I am an employee at Arendal Sound. However, I have been around long enough, that before we even started Arendal Sound, we where the European distributor of SVS products. This means I know very well how the SB13-Ultra subwoofer performs and sounds.


It is a good-sounding subwoofer, it plays loud if you want it to and it digs deep. From my viewpoint what you will gain with an Arendal Sound subwoofer, for example, a 1723 Subwoofer 1S or a 2S, which would be similar products to the SB13, are more nuanced and detailed subwoofers where you can better hear all the details in the bass, as well as them having better transient response. Basically, they dig just as deep, yet sound tighter and more accurate.

Keith Luken
Community Member

I used to have SVS back in the day, they were really good subs, but I think they have partially lost their way when they were bought. They have good stuff, but I don’t think the value is what it used to be. I would like to see more reviews on the Arendale subs as at some point I need to replace my PSA (Tom V brand who was part of the SVS startup days) subs eventually. I overbought a few years back and my dual 18 inch subs have 12db attenuators inline as even at lowest volumes they were too loud and Audyssey would not calibrate it. I have not tried the Arndale yet, but knowing the great reviews the 3 lines of speakers are getting I assume the subs are equally as good.

All, I own two SW-15’s from Starke Sound, they have a massive footprint for just under $800 per sub. They are fantastic subwoofers and gave me the balance in my Home theater system. SVS has great subs don’t get me wrong but then again its all about how much you want to invest in a great subwoofer. If your looking for a tactical sub I would recommend getting an Arendal subwoofer or what I own the Starke Sound SW-15’s plus there are some from SVS as well like the SB-3000. If your looking for ultra low frequencies down to 10Hz there is a company called Perlisten, they have a push pull design and I heard they are amazing

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

I’m planning on going from dual SVS PB16 Uktras to 4x Arendal 2v. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I have managed to sell my SVS’s and gotten the Arendals in place:)

Neil H
Community Member

Thank you Hans, it will be interesting for sure.

Neil H
Community Member

Thank you everyone for your input. Still contemplating my next move.

Based on some of the more technical reviews out there from sites like Audioholics, the Arendal subs seem to have better group delay than SVS, which some people would say might explain Thomas’ initial comment about them having tighter transient response.

Ramón T.

I had the opportunity to have a test SVS in the room for a few weeks, it was positioned on the right side of the room and the sound was quite good but too direct, it did not flood the room as the Arendal 2v does.

Of course, I had more “kick” but it becomes annoying for the person in front of me.

I also have to say that I didn’t have much time to adjust it.

The Arendal is more controlled and the frequencies are heard, others only the notes, I don’t know if I can explain myself….

The room is also very influenced by the sub, the behaviors are different and the Av we have.

Before I had a Marantz and the bass were not as controlled as with Anthem, even though it was the same sub and the same boxes.

A bad signal influences a lot as well.

It’s not just the sub…

Neil H
Community Member

Hi Orion

I won’t try the Perlisten because from what I’ve seen, they do not have a “buy and try” policy. The basic sub is $4k. If your not happy with it, your stuck. I don’t understand why all the online audio companies don’t have a policy like that. I wasn’t sure about the Arendal 1723 Monitors, but their policy on buy and try with minimal shipping loss (at that time) convinced me I wouldn’t lose much. After about 1 minute of listening I knew they were not going to be returned. After hundreds of hours of listening, my mind has never changed. If I try another sub, it will be an Arendal.

Laurence Chan
Community Member

Neil, have you checked out PowerSoundAudio or RythmikAudio?  I have twin SVS PB12-Plus subwoofers that were getting a bit long in tooth when one of the Sledge plate amps up and died on me.  I was unaware that SVS had upgrade amps available and I ended up replacing both with more power and better DSP available through their iPhone/iPad app.  This brought my home theater new life for now, but in the future when I may be looking to update/upgrade my subwoofers, PowerSoundAudio, RythmikAudio and Arendal are all on the top of my go to list.

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