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1961 bookshelf with INFINEON 12070 class D amp

David Amiel
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I currently have 2 x DALI Zensor 1 connected to a SMSL A0200 amplifier (https://www.smsl-audio.com/portal/product/detail/id/756.html) as a desktop setup.

I’m thinking about upgrading the Zensor 1 speakers to 1961 bookshelfs but I can’t see any review about 1961 bookshelves hooked to a SMSL/LOXJIE/SABAJ/TOPPING amp with Infineon 12070 chip.

Amplifier specs are reporting 2x90w under 4 ohms (which probably are 2×50 watts for staying with low distortion) so on paper it should be good, does someone have real experience on this matching ?




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Customer Support

Hi David,


It will be hard to find someone with hands-on experience.
As long as you do not listen ultra loud the amp will have no problem driving the speakers. You are also sitting close to it which is a big plus, as you need less power.
Just be aware that you are switching from a vented speaker to a sealed speaker. That will make a huge difference in the bass response.

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