1961 vs 1723

Jeff Laing
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I’m trying to decide on an 11.2.4 setup, what’s the biggest deciding factor on choosing models, room size or physical speaker size, I’m getting 1 3 cherry and 2 5 cherry amps, so power isn’t an issue


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Along with budget, room size and seating layout as well would dictate the setup. If you have multiple seats you want the frequency response to be balanced across those seats. This brings where you can place subwoofers to couple with the room and how many will be needed in the end game setup.

I have 1723 Tower S and 1723 S center. For the sides I have 1723 THX main surrounds and for surround back I use 1961 bookshelves mounted up high aiming down at my listening space. The subs are key here. Ive got 1961 1V in front Corner,1723 Subwoofer 2S mirror front corner. This placement helps combat my room modes and gives great multi-seat bass response.

If you treat the room, any combo of AS speakers will sound great in there as they are all very linear.


Roman Tissera
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If you have plans to move to a bigger plan go with the bigger ones.

Roman Tissera
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Get the big ones and call it a day.

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