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7.4.4 apartment setup

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My humble 7.4.4 setup.


1723 monitors for LCR. 1723 surrounds for side and back. SVS sattelites for atmos (will be replaced some day). Atmos speakers are not positioned correctly, I am aware of this 😅

1961 1V subs in each corner.


I would love acoustic treatment, but is not possible at the moment (rental apartment).

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Beautifully set up HT. As long as the atmos speakers are pointed at the MLP “Don’t worry, be happy”

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Nice room and great to see how you dealt with speaker placements in regards to the various location compromises that the room presented to you.  In the end, all that matters is how it sounds to you… if you’ll happy… then job well done!

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Nice set-up! How are your neighbours treating you with these 4 subs :D.

I see you have also changed the footers and may I know how are you integrating the 4 subs? I see a Marantz processor/AVR, integrated via miniDSP?

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Thanks man. Haha, I only have one neighbour at the opposite side, and I don’t play extremely loud.

You can see some measurements here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/770234190021948/posts/1843402616038428/?__cft__%5B0%5D=AZVXfkNSSYTa6YBaOnYWzp5734bghs5M5yJmQfhcFdOHwyvhWevTC08mAmEdG8vhYS5SQ0UaYAKgUB2nV8gKJAQyZYDpMxE39NlNOMFP0pMxu-bcOmv8oXkq3sTUlMK20win1gLEXuK6LtGFIFWBvlDJ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Yeah, I have some very lively wooden floor. I haven’t A/B tested with and without the feet though.

Exactly. MiniDSP and calibrated with MSO.

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Looks great enjoy!

Customer Support

A lot of speakers in a small space:)

Glad that you are happy. The measurements look good!

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