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Class AB or D ?

Neil H
Community Member

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if people are using more class AB or class D amplifiers? Also, what was driving the reason for purchasing the class of amp you have? It Seems class D is becoming more popular these days.

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Brian Willig
Community Member

Rotel NAD, excellent. I have listened to a lot. I tend to revert back to an a a/b design. I listen to a lot of music, watch music videos, in auro 3D and atmos… really been interesting. Perhaps that’s a new thread, who listens to multichannel music and what have you found? Anyhow, McIntosh & Parasound are a couple nice a a/b amps that have the top end power for movies yet sound sweet at lower music listening levels without killing the bank account. I enjoy listening to the difference in many amps. I used Outlaw for years, they have a couple nice models beyond the 5000 and 7000x. Great topic!

Frank Huisman
Community Member

Because I wanted to stream Tidal directly via an amp I recently changed my setup fom

Yamaha CX2/MX2 + BNS Soundcolumn III + B&W ASW 610


NAD M10 V2 + 1723 S towers + 1723 S1 sub

and compared both next to each other, changed and connected the various components to each other and came to the conclusion:

NAD + 1723 S sounds great, even without using the sub – this does it for me and I am extremely happy with this setup.

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Great that you are liking the setup. Definitely some years in between.
I have a Yamaha C-2a still laying around that I need to sell. The M2 I sold a while ago.


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