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Display product dimensions in metric and imperial

Rob Z
Community Member

It would be helpful to US buyers to see product specs listed in both metric and imperial aka ‘Merican.  Having to convert cm to inches becomes a distraction when trying to figure out Monitors vs Bookshelves,  or THX vs THX S, and so on.

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Joseph Uffner
Community Member

I agree with Rob – it would be fairly simple to add  measurements for inches and pounds along with cm and kg as opposed to pointing to some buried help center article, which is really not very customer focused. Maybe you could at least consider including this link in the technical specifications of your products so it’s in a more visible and useful location for your customers who do not use the metric system.

Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Hi Joseph,

Yes, you are right. We’ll bring this up with the web team for implementation.

Let us see what can be done on this.


Thank you and have a nice day Joseph.

Luis Vazquez
Active Member

@Gunnar simply as an FYI, the imperial dimensions for the 1961 Bookshelves are missing.

Michael B
Community Member

I just asked Alexa… She knows how to convert.

Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Hi @Luis,


Yes, we’ll add imperial measurements for all speakers and subwoofers on the web pages. Just got a clarence from the web team.


Thank you for helping us get better guys! :)

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