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Low woofer crossover point in 1732 THX (S) towers

D. Visser
Community Member

Hi all,

I was wondering what your opinion is on the following and I apologize in advance if the question has been answered a million times here.

On the Audioholics review of the 1723S towers the advice was given to run the towers full range because of the “problematic” low crossover to the woofers in the 1723 towers  (100Hz for the 1723 THX S en 120Hz for the 1723 THX)

This could cause problems integrating the towers with subwoofers when you set the crossover point in the sub at 80Hz.

In the AH forums was suggested to buy the monitors if you wanted to maximize the chance of a succesful integration.

I would appreciate your point of view on the matter since i am seriously considering buying the 1723 towers.



D. Visser



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D. Visser
Community Member

and what I forgot to mention in my first post is that I already have 2 subwoofers in my current setup which I want to incorporate in my new future Arendal surround system…

Jurgen Hooglander
Community Member

I think the low crossover in the towers is to blend better with the center speaker that has only mid range woofers.

And the tweeter is crossed at 1500hz, the big midranges can play 100-1500hz easy

But you can set the crossover at 60 hz, for big towers is that no problem.

Even 80hz or 100hz sub crossover looks no problem for me, but then is the internal speaker crossover complete skipped and a waste of floorspace and speaker components.

If i had the towers i set the crossover at 60hz.

Fernando Ayllón
Community Member

Well, I would try to find out what is the towers in-room FR. If due to location, they play bad in the low-mid base area, I will turned up the XO and let the SWs do their job. Unlike the front L/R speakers, they can be easily moved around or EQ.

Just my 2 cents.

Customer Support

There are absolutely no issues with integrating the Towers with subwoofers. The low crossover does not interfere in any way. You need to see the speaker as a whole and not just the two bottom drivers. You still have the upper two drivers that play the full bass signal as it is a 2.5-way design.

With the Towers crossed over to a subwoofer, you have very little benefit over the Monitors and you can save some money. That is the whole reasoning behind it.
If you like to listen without subs the Tower will of course have the upper hand.

As Fernando already wrote, every room is different and the best way would be to measure and see what is really going on inside the room. For example, the best crossover in my room is 90Hz. It does not matter which speaker.
This gives me the smoothest response.




D. Visser
Community Member

Thanks everyone who replied. I already ordered the 1723 towers and the 1723 S surrounds…can’t wait..😁



D. Visser

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