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Johan, I have had the same one world problem just like you but with different subs. I would get definitely get the 1723 1’s as duels and have the other if you want as a third somewhere in the room. Like literally this was my problem too, there is never enough bass in a room unless it gets too overwhelming for your listening needs. Its all about the fine tuning and trimming to get the perfect balance from three subs. Sometimes it could be a nightmare but once everything works into place your golden!

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Hi, thx for the advice man! But I was thinking 1 1723 1s first, to combine with the 1961 1s.  And grow from there. I know its not optimal but that’s what I got atm. Any thoughts about this?

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Yeah that would work, I have had the same situation. I would use the 1723 in the front and use the 1961 in the rear of the room. Calibrate it so both subs blend in with the room.

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