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My home theatre – Arendal <3

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

Hi all!

This is my contribution to the contest that ends 31st of October.

My theatre will get acoustic treatments in the future, but this is it for now.


The theatre consists of the following equipment:


  • Fronts: 1723 TOWER THX
  • Center: 1723 CENTER THX
  • Surrounds: 1723 SURROUND THX
  • Surround back: 1723 SURROUND THX
  • Subwoofer 1: 1723 SUBWOOFER 2V
  • Subwoofer 2: 1723 SUBWOOFER 2V
  • Atmos rear: Klipsch PRO-180RPC LCR (swapping out with 1723 HEIGHT S in the future)
  • Atmos front: Adding 1723 HEIGHT S down the road


  • Anthem AVM 90
  • Anthem MCA 525 Gen 2
  • Anthem MCA 525 Gen 2
  • Anthem STR Power Amplifier


  • Oppo UDP-203 Blu-Ray player
  • NVIDIA Shield TV Pro
  • MiniDSP 2x4HD


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Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Very nice setup you have there Hans Erik!

And the icing on the cake, The Gaia II for the 1723 Towers!

Did you apply for the Ambassador program yet?

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

Thanks a lot, Gunnar!

the Gaias are very nice looking:):)

im Definitely planning to apply, but I need to take some pictures with me in them before I can do that. It’s been quite a hectic period with a 6 month old baby:p but I’ll get there. I just decided to add 1723 heights too, and get some more carpeting in. So some changes are happening;)

Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Good to hear you will apply! :)

Yes, the Gaias look awesome, and they really make a difference soundwise too!

We totally understand you have some other priorities when there is a baby in the house! I’m impressed you have got it up and running in this period of time after all!

The 1723 Height S will blend more naturally in the setup than your previous speakers of course, Great!

Looking forward to following the rest of the journey for your nice Home Theatre Hans Erik! :)

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

Yes they really do make a difference in the sound too. They are expensive, but hey, the avm 90 is not either🙈

it’s Been busy, but I will get it done soon :)


im about to mount the 1723 height s in the ceiling. I can mount them in the studs, but then I won’t get the toe in towards my MLP… so I’m now looking for a VESA 100 mount that allows me to rotate the speaker. That is not easy to find :/

If I can get this working I’ll get another pair of 1723 heights to replace my Klipsch rear atmos.


thanks again. I’ll keep you posted;)

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

I really want them in the ceiling, and I know that the included VESA mount would accomplish this, but it lacks the rotation.

do you think that they mount you linked will work in the ceiling? The hard part is to find out if the mount is able to lock properly in to place when it’s rotated. So it’s not moving or vibrating.

I found this, but the manufacturer says they wouldn’t mount it to the ceiling:p

and the slimmer the better as well:p

Luis Vazquez
Community Member

Awesome setup… mind sharing the size of the room?

Luis Vazquez
Community Member

Thanks Hans… my room is 10′ 11″ x 15′ 7″, roughly 3 x 4.5 meters, so smaller than your room.  When I watched the video, I was curious to the size difference between our rooms as the LCR didn’t seem to look out of place; however, the room seemed similar is size… room is bigger, so it makes sense now.  I appreciate the quick reply!

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